Highest level of email confidentiality.

An easy way to encrypt outgoing emails for your whole organization and eliminate the possibility of data breach.


  • A rules-based policy engine automatically scans content of all outgoing email(email header, body, and attachments are scanned).
  • Determines how to handle emails based on pre-determined rules and policies
  • Provides high degree of flexibility for managers to build rules based on the specific needs of their business
  • Offers detailed reporting and tracking of all outbound emails
  • Uses standards-based PKI encryption technology

Encrypted Email ConsoleFeaturing Encrypted Email Management Console

It allows company's administrator to:

  • Define encryption policies
  • Define sender and recipient groups
  • Manage and update policies and rules
  • Access detailed and comprehensive reporting

Policies can be built around any type of content, including:

  • Key words, Profanity
  • Patient data, diagnosis codes, drug codes
  • Social security number, driver's license number
  • Credit card numbers
  • Specific domains

Policy-based Encrypted Email

  • $3.50 per mailbox per month. Applied at the account level for all mailboxes on the account.
  • No setup fees