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Email Encryption

ANTISPAM: All DataPLS Exchange accounts includ5e SpamStopper™, our advanced antispam software, to provide the ultimate in spam protection at no cost.Based on Spam Assassin and customized for our Exchange hosting environment, DataPLS SpamStopper runs in a separate server cluster, outside the Exchange servers, for increased performance.

ANTIVIRUS: DataPLS provides comprehensive managed antivirus protection of all Exchange mailboxes, free of charge. This advanced software catches 99.999 percent of all viruses that could potentially leak in and harm your mailboxes and Exchange environment.The virus databases are updated multiple times per day and continuously managed.

CONTENT FILTERING: Through our partnership with top compliance companies, Exchange customers can limit email content to comply with acceptable business use policies, company, state and federal communications regulations.


ENCRYPTED MESSAGE: DataPLS Encrypted Message can encrypt any MS Office document, PDF file, image files, and almost any other popular file format. Clients can securely send sensitive information, such as contracts, financial statements, usernames and passwords,
HR documents and more through email, without the risk of a security breach.

Encrypted Message Pricing

  • $8.50 per user per month. Applied on a user level for only those users who need it
  • $8.50 setup fee

POLICY-BASED EMAIL ENCRYPTION: Policy-based Encrypted Email is used to scan all outgoing emails and apply encryption based on company-defined policies. It is the highest level of email confidentiality for health care, finance, legal or other regulated industries.
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Policy-based Encrypted Email

  • $3.50 per mailbox per month. Applied at the account level for all mailboxes on the account
  • No setup fees

Comparison chart:

  Policy-based Encrypted Email User-level Encrypted Email
(Encrypted Message)
Automatic Encryption Yes per policies No - user must choose to encrypt
Encryption Point Gateway Desktop
Strength of Encryption 1024bit, 256bit SSL 1024bit, 256bit SSL
Software required for senders No Yes
Sofware required for recipients No No
Mobile Support Blackberry, iPhone, Android,
Windows Mobile, Symbian

With our latest software and fastest servers housed in the most state-of-the-art datacenters, and with security controls across every aspect of our business, you can be confident that your information is fully secure.